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Utah Bankers Association

 It was a pleasure to meet the very talented group, Gentri as well as Lexi Mae Walker, Spence Eccles, and Senator Orin Hatch. I was honored to share the stage as a Keynote Speaker at the Utah Bankers Associations Annual Meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho. 



Done being a ‘why baby’ 1

At some point during those pain-ridden weeks in the hospital, I realized that it didn’t matter “why” this happened. And “why me?” Asking those questions repeatedly was futile. I needed to heal and move on with my life. Being a “why baby” wasn’t helping. During my rehabilitation, I met a man named Bob who was […]

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Take Response-Ability 1

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.  One day as I was having a pity party at the hospital, my friend that shot me showed up with a book in his hand.   With tears in his eyes, he handed it to me.  I opened it up and on […]

Gone Fishin’

I’ve spent a lot of time fishing. I would not say I am an avid fisherman, nor am I an expert. I have spent a fair amount of time observing and thinking while I’ve been fishing, and though I haven’t always caught a lot of fish, I have learned a few things while I’ve sat […]