I Will, Will You? 2

  • I will not make excuses. “A loss is not a failure until you make an excuse.” – Michael Jordan
  • I will constantly evaluate my inner circle, surrounding myself with those headed someplace special.
  • I will set aside time each day to re-center myself.
  • I will encourage at least one person each day.
  • I will do the necessary “homework” to make each day – each meeting – as productive as possible.
  • I will seek out new opportunity for personal or professional growth every day.
  • I will envision success – actually see it in my mind – in all I do.
  • I will be better, not bitter, in moments of adversity.
  • I will not be intimidated by taking thoughtful risks.
  • I will stay open-minded; not allowing old patterns or habits to hold me back.
  • I will point out the contributions of others.
  • I will consider what I can do, or sacrifice, to help strengthen my team.
  • I will do something today for someone who cannot give me anything in return.
  • I will act all day as if my son or daughter were sitting by my side.
  • I will relish the chance to be a standard for others.
  • I will remember that my life requires balance.a1 tami and Mike

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