Safety Motivation

At the age of 14 Mike was shot in the chest, by a friend, at point blank range; paralyzing 2/3 of his body.  In his keynote , he shares his Olympic medals, a powerful media presentation,  and the actual bullet he was shot with to teach audiences that “this didn’t need to happen; it could have been prevented”. Mike’s powerful message leaves a lasting impression that this didn’t just happen to him.  It affected his family, his friends, the community, and even his future wife and children.

Mike and his family continue to face challenges daily because of the split second decision that was made in regards to safety or the lack thereof.  His entertaining message changes the way people think about carelessness and the magnitude of their decisions in the work place. A few of his themes are:

“There’s no such thing as a bronze medal in safety”.

“Put Your Safety On”

“Safety is NO ACCIDENT”

“The Gold Standard of Safety”