Shot Happens

Shot Happens – Book


“I got shot. What’s your problem?”

I did get shot – and it is my problem.  A .38 claiber bullet fired at point-blank range, slammed into my chest, clipped my lung, narrowly missed my heart and lodged in my spine, paralyzing me from the chest down – and I had to deal with it.  I still have to deal with it every day. That is my problem.

Now, what is your problem? What do you have to deal with today – or every day? Do you have something lodged in you – maybe not in your spine, but perhaps in your heart or mind – that causes you pain and makes you feel paralyzed one way or another?





140 pages, paperback with colored photos.




    AMAZING! I needed this book right now! On the outside I look successful but I struggle with my inner demons. I am ready to change my position and my attitude ? about shot that has happened, especially the shot I allowed to happen. Thank you for sharing your story Mike!

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