gray-sweater-a“Mike Schlappi’s life teaches anyone who has ever thought that the mountain was too high, or the valley was too wide, that the will of the human heart can conquer all obstacles. Mike’s story, is a story of heart, commitment, and valiant perseverance. He is a role
model to all, and a real hero.”

Orrin Hatch – United States Senator

“Mike’s life is a great accomplishment in an All-American way…  He is an inspiration to people everywhere who want to succeed.”

Bill Clinton – Former President of the United States

“To offer a simple recommendation for Mike Schlappi is an understatement. Mike’s genuine, honest and professional approach is head and shoulders above many of the speakers that I’ve heard. Motivational speakers can sometimes be one dimensional in terms of their content and delivery.A1 combo for website
Mike’s ‘shoot for the stars’ message appeals to a multitude of issues that face an organization.”

Christopher S. Carlton, President

Dräger Medical, Inc.


“In my 20 years of coordinating meetings, I am hard pressed to identify a speaker that I have worked with that is as cooperative and effective. Thanks for working with us to make the Descartes Global Sales Meeting successful. It was a compelling and heart-rendering performance that will be remembered for years to come.”

Lora Cecere

Descartes Systems Group

“I think we’ve all heard motivational speakers before, but your message was so personal that we could all feel the power you generated.  It’s easy to see why you received a standing ovation and such enthusiastic applause at the conclusion of your message. It all had to do with your unconquerable spirit and attitude. Your challenges left all of us with a desire to do more.”

Ray Rivers, Vice President

E’OLA International

“Your keynote speech was extremely well received. In fact, on a majority of my overall conference evaluations, you were listed as ‘the
best part of the conference.’ That, coupled with the standing ovation my clients gave you, speaks volumes about how well the program went.
Thank YOU!”

Lori K. Bennett, Director of Marketing Communications



“By sharing the challenges that he had faced head-on in his life,
Mike did a masterful job of instilling within each employee a determination
to over-come business obstacles that pale in significance to those
faced and conquered by Mike.”

Alan Rudd, President & CEO

VINCA, the data protection company

Mike SchlappiQuotes from conference attendees:

  • “Best lunch hour of my life!”
  • “I turned in my overall (evaluation) too soon – this is my #1 favorite!!!
  • “He was the best speaker I’ve ever had the privilege to hear.”
  • “You made a very positive mark on many people, which I suppose is one of
    the best measures of a successful motivational speaker.”
  • “Best speaker of the forum. Invite him back!”
  • “Absolutely inspirational. A great way to end…and to begin.”
  • “(He) was excellent – the best I ever heard – wish I could talk to him every day!”
  • “#1 speaker of entire convention – thank you!, thank you!, thank you!!”
  • “Out of this world! It doesn’t get any better.”