The original model 1

handicapped parking

November 11, 1977 (38 years ago) I was accidentally shot and paralyzed……   On December 14th – my 15th birthday, I received a new wheelchair.  At that time I was not happy to receive a wheelchair (what a birthday gift – right?)

Now I see it differently.  Although I’ve been handicapped for all these years, I’ve considered it a gift that someone invented the wheel and more recently the wheelchair as I’ve been able to enjoy the fullness of life because of this gift.   I’ve had a few (ok many) surgeries over the years, but I’ve been blessed with good health.  I encourage each of you to recognize the gift of good health and modern technology.

By the way – every time you see a handicapped parking stall, just know that I’m the original model.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays – Mike

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